Fitness Classes and Schedule



NEW! Aerobic Basic II : Just beginning a fitness program? Here’s a great way to start. No matter what your fitness level, this workout is for you. Come experience the fun, energy, and excitement, this class has to offer. You’ll strengthen the muscles in your arms and legs without any jumping with toning exercises.


Aqua Fitness:  This water exercise class for expecting and new moms, those with joint pain,  or for weight loss,  includes a blend of swimming, movement, and stretches to help tone, strengthen, stretch and limber up muscles and joints.   Low Impact on joints.


Core Crushers: This class concentrates on abdominal training, core stability, and back strengthening.


Cardio Kickbox: Add a punch and a kick to your workout.  Using proper form and technique, you will strengthen, shape up and burn lots of calories.


Dynamic Yoga:  This is a high energy program.  You will achieve greater strength, balance, and flexibility through continued practice.  Learn how to use the breath to connect your mind and body, giving way to a clear focused mind and body, and overall peacefulness.


Power Pump: A full hour of body sculpting moves that will get your heart rate up and tone.  All moves can be altered to fit your needs. Blend of weights, bands and stability balls.


Boot Camp: This class is a combination of strength, power, endurance, and conditioning legs, butts, and abdominals, in addition to an awesome cardio workout using tools such as a boxing bag, step, stair climbing, jump roping etc.


SilverSneakers®: Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of motion,  balance and functional activity for daily living skills. Hand-held weights, elastic tubes w/handles, and a ball are offered for resistance, and a chair is used for seated and/or standing support. Currently running the MSROM and YogaStretch class formats.


Zumba:  A workout based on latin dance moves!  So much fun you won’t realize you are working out!


CCC-Cardio Combo Classic: This beginner class is for anyone who wants to build their fitness level.  Offering all necessary components; easy to follow low impact cardio, strength training, and flexibility.  Don’t spend another day thinking you can’t keep up with a group class…this one is just for you!


Kickbox Fusion:  This class will incorporate kickboxing moves and intersperse intervals of strengthen training and core movements.


System Shock:  A circuit training with cardio intervals to rev up your metabolism, build muscle, and burn fat!!!


***Silver Sneakers: Does not apply to fitness class cards. (To see if you are eligible for this program through your health insurance company please contact the Senior Advisor℠ – Tylene  @ 248-486-2582.)


Take each class at your own pace.  All classes can be modified for varying Fitness Levels.  


DayClass NameStarting TimeEnding TimeInstructor
MondayDynamic Yoga9:00AM10:00AMSusan
SilverSneakers MSROM10:30AM11:30AMTylene
System Shock6:30PM7:30PMGina Maceri
Dynamic Yoga7:30PM8:30PMSusan
TuesdayCore Crushers5:30AM6:00AMTylene
SilverSneakers Yoga8:00AM9:00AMBen
Power Pump9:00AM10:00AMTylene
Boot Camp6:30PM7:30PMGina
Strictly Strength7:30PM8:15PMGina
WednesdayPower Pump5:30AM6:00AMTylene
Dynamic Yoga9:00AM10:00AMSusan
SilverSneakers MSROM10:30AM11:30AMSarah
SilverSneakers MSROM1:00PM2:00PMSarah
Kickbox Fusion6:30PM7:30PMCristin
Dynamic Yoga7:30PM8:30PMSusan
ThursdayCore Crushers5:30AM6:00AMTylene
FridayPower Pump5:15AM6:00AMTylene
Dynamic Yoga8:00AM9:00AMSusan
Power Pump9:00AM10:00AMTylene
SilverSneakers Yoga10:30AM11:30AMBev/Sarah
CCC7:00PM8:00PMFitness Staff
SaturdayKickbox Fusion9:00AM10:00AMCristin
Aqua Fitness10:00AM11:00AMFitness Staff